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Tired of all the junk mail?

Receiving mail should feel good

Getting an email was exciting but then automated emails and spam took over and filled your inbox with junk mail. Spamdrain helps you get back the control so you only get what matters.

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Clean Inbox

Don’t be disturbed - No more clutter - No more wasted time

How much time do you waste on emails you never signed up for and don’t want? Time is precious and we will give it back to you.

Stop spam and junk on all devices

Clean on all devices

Connect your email and see the magic - everywhere

We stop junk mail, viruses, automated emails on iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Office 365, yes all type of email providers and devices. Simply connect and we do the rest.

Reduce junk mail newsletters

You have full control

It’s time to make it perfect

Some newsletters you love to get, some you never signed up for. With a few clicks let us know what you love and we sort the rest for you.

Virus, phishing, spam ✋🏼

AI + Users = Smarter filter

We have fine tuned our tech for over 16 years and together with our amazing customers, we created a spam filter service that stops junk mail efficiently.

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To run and manage a great spam filter service costs money and for a small fee we remove all the clutter, save you time, and deliver the absolute best service and support.


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  • Great spam filtering
  • Newsletter and marketing filter
  • Virus and phishing filter
  • Access to filtered email
  • iPhone/iPad/Android app
  • Daily/weekly summary e-mails
  • All the Spamdrain features +
  • Multi user
  • Domain filtering
  • Unlimited nr of aliases
  • E-mail support

How does it work?

Every new email is checked by Spamdrain

Connect your email and we check all new emails. If approved we let you see it. If not we block it. Once in a while check your Spamdrain account and finetune your personal filter.

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